Bio Edit

"They're in a safe place." - Smart Dude.

Smart Dude is one of thousands of clones. Most notably, being the only thug clone that has an elite variant.

Despite how he sometimes hangs around MERCS (Whom are not clones), He's a rather mean spirited guy with bad intentions, as he wants him and his cloned self's to dominate the world.

It's unknown on what happened to the real Smart Dude, but its a possibility that he's dead.

His date of birth is September 19th, 1975. So he could be at age 42.

Origin Edit

His start actually came from the game Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Battle for New York both on the GBA.

He was given the name "Smart Dude" because he was supposed to be an unofficial spin off of Trouble Man.

His catchphrase, "They're in a safe place." actually came from another enemy in the game, but Usher11 wanted to give the phrase to Smart Dude, because it would fit him better.

Trivia Edit

He's the only thug type enemy with an elite variant.

Despite Smart Dude has similarities to Ken Boldmahn, they have nothing in common, except for their hair.

Smart Dude happens to have a brother named "Buff Person".

Gallery Edit

Theyre in a safe place

Official artwork of Smart Dude.

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